Ta-da! “A Branch Too Far,” the third volume in The Leafy Hollow Mysteries series, is scheduled for publication Aug. 12 on all major retailers.
I’m really excited about this launch. Here’s the synopsis:
A fatal fall. A conniving convict. A new mystery takes root…
Verity Hawkes’ new life in Leafy Hollow almost feels whole. All the self-taught horticulturalist lacks are her Aunt Adeline and a stable relationship. Just when the second missing piece seems like it might be falling into place, Verity’s sleepy town welcomes back an all-too-familiar killer…
Suspicions run rampant when a body is found at the base of Pine Hill Peak, and the mother of Verity’s best friend is the number one suspect. To keep the wrong woman out of prison, Verity must rub shoulders with an arsonist, a hunky lawman, and a pair of dueling pastry chefs. When a scandal from the past threatens her investigation, Verity needs to act fast before the peak of her life becomes a valley…
Here’s that publication date again: Aug. 12.
I hope you like it!


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