I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful spring in your neck of the woods. Here in southern Ontario, the tulips are finally breaking through and I’m looking forward to seeing my Canada 150 blooms soon!

Meanwhile, I have big news. Up to now, the Leafy Hollow series has been exclusive to Amazon. Soon it will be available on other retailers–including Kobo, Apple, and Barnes & Noble. Unfortunately, that means I have to remove it from Kindle Unlimited, since Amazon requires exclusivity from authors who wish to take advantage of that lending program. (I’m also working on getting the books into libraries.)

That means that From Garden To Grave will disappear from Kindle Unlimited on April 12, and Digging Up Trouble will follow on May 17. So if you’re a Kindle Unlimited member, there’s still time to check them out. And of course, they’ll still be available for purchase (ebook and paperbook) on Amazon.

Also, I and some other indie authors have prepared a list of 30 cozy mysteries that are free to borrow through KU. Enjoy! http://loisdbrown.com/all-things-mystery/

In other news: Thanks to everyone who’s asked about A Branch Too Far, the third book in the Leafy Hollow series. I’m pleased to report that it should be available in early June. I’ll keep you posted!


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