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If you like spunky heroines, laugh-out-loud humor, and charming small Canadian towns with big-city crime rates, then you’ll love these cozy mysteries.

From Garden To Grave
Book 1

Murder. It’s a perennial problem.

Verity Hawkes is a shut-in. After two years bunkered in her apartment, the only thing that gets her out is the disappearance of her beloved but eccentric aunt. As she takes over her aunt’s landscaping shop, she’ll need to go from hoarder to horticulturist in a hurry…

Her new home of Leafy Hollow is quaint, except for her most obnoxious client. When a series of freak accidents kills the customer, all signs point to Verity as the killer.

The hunt for answers is on, and Verity must question a tipsy carpenter, a bacon-peddling vegan baker, and her dreamy landscaping competitor to keep her new life afloat. Failure to find the truth could put her back in a confined space for much more than two years…

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Digging Up Trouble
Book 2

A mysterious casket. A rising body count. A new mystery has bloomed…

Verity Hawkes misses her recluse lifestyle, but she’s finally starting to settle in as Leafy Hollow’s resident landscaper. At least until a village-wide cupcake battle helps turn one new visitor from a skeptic to a corpse in record time. When her friend’s crush shockingly confesses to the crime, Verity is once again asked to investigate…

Potential clues come in as fast as the suspects: a documentary film director, a wacky artist, and a feralcat enthusiast, to name a few. It turns out everyone in town has skeletons in their closet… even her new friends. If Verity doesn’t find out the truth soon, then the next local legend buried in the ground… could be her.

If you like puzzling whodunits, eccentric characters, and countless laugh-out-loud moments, then you’ll love Digging Up Trouble. Buy the book today!

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A Branch Too Far
Book 3

A fatal fall. A conniving convict. A new mystery takes root…

Verity Hawkes’ new life in Leafy Hollow almost feels whole. All the self-taught horticulturalist lacks are her Aunt Adeline and a stable relationship. Just when the second missing piece seems like it might be falling into place, Verity’s sleepy town welcomes back an all-too-familiar killer…

Suspicions run rampant when a body is found at the base of Pine Hill Peak, and the mother of Verity’s best friend is the number one suspect. To keep the wrong woman out of prison, Verity must rub shoulders with an arsonist, a hunky lawman, and a pair of dueling pastry chefs. When a scandal from the past threatens her investigation, Verity must act fast before the peak of her life becomes a valley…

If you like spunky heroines, laugh-out-loud humor, and charming small towns with big city crime rates, then you’ll love A Branch Too Far.

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Muddy Waters
Book 4

In Leafy Hollow, mysteries are always in season…

Verity Hawkes can hardly remember her reclusive past. She’s actually starting to enjoy her role as the small town’s resident gardener and unofficial super sleuth. Her blossoming relationship with a dreamy local detective certainly doesn’t hurt matters. But Verity can’t help but question her place in town when a group of kidnappers steal away a beloved citizen and single her out to handle the ransom…

After the deal goes south, it’s clear to the Leafy Hollow gardener that larger forces are at play. Between dealing with a rogue agent, a meddling ex-boyfriend, and an underground Botox clinic, she knows that nothing is as it seems. To dig up the conspiracy, Verity may just have to get her hands dirty…

Coming Nov. 20…

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If you like fast-paced action, believable heroines, and breathtaking twists, then you’ll love this series of gripping financial thrillers.

Dangerous Allies, Book 1

No one invites the mob on their second honeymoon…

Ruby Delaney is at the bottom of a spiral. After the death of her sister, the young actress turned to pills and booze to numb the pain. Desperate to reconnect with her husband and get her life back on track, they take a luxurious second honeymoon cruise. Everything is going well, until she makes a surprising discovery in their cabin: $20 million in bonds!

Ruby knows stock fraud when she sees it, and it reeks of the Russian mafia. When she’s set up for a crime she didn’t commit, her only chance is a series of impossible escapes to clear her name. With the help of a few surprise allies, and a bit of luck, Ruby might just have a shot… if she can live long enough to solve the mystery.

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Dangerous Benefits,  Book 2

Even fame and fortune can turn deadly…

Ruby Delaney has finally landed a Broadway role and is determined to put her notorious past behind her. But her good intentions are sidetracked when she learns a con man has targeted her mentor’s life savings.

Ruby teams up with fraud investigator Hari Bhatt to find the swindler, but their investigation leads them to a murder instead. The partners track the victim’s missing money to Paris and uncover a link to one of Wall Street’s biggest names, a man seemingly above reproach. Ruby and Hari race to prove their case, unaware they’re being watched by someone who will go to desperate lengths to hide a lethal secret.

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Dangerous Comforts, Book 3

When death lurks beneath the streets…

After the tragic consequences of their last case, fraud investigators Ruby Delaney and Hari Bhatt have lost the desire to expose cheats and con artists–or to risk their own hearts.

But Ruby can’t look away when she stumbles upon a mortgage scam that’s torn an elderly woman from her home. And a reluctant Hari agrees to go undercover to probe an identity theft ring at a Vegas casino-hotel.

When a body is found in the home of a missing casino employee, the estranged partners must join forces to find the victim’s terrified killer. Hari and Ruby embark on a desperate race through the city’s underground tunnels, pursued by a deadly adversary who’s hunting the same man.

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Danger and The Sting

A Ruby Danger short story…

When fraudbuster Ruby Delaney learns that a young friend has been scammed in a fake gem scheme, she decides to turn the tables. Ruby assembles a team of fellow actors and sets up her own sting. Will her attempt at retribution pay off, or is she headed for a fall?

Although Danger and the Sting can be read alone, events in the story take place between Books 2 and 3 of the Ruby Danger series.

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After three decades as a financial journalist, I returned to my first love—writing fiction. When not hunched over my computer talking to people who exist only in my head, I spend my time trying to tame an unruly half-acre garden and a rambunctious Jack Chi. I also share my southern Ontario home with three rescue cats and an overactive Netflix account.

I write The Ruby Danger series of financial thrillers, and a cozy mystery series, The Leafy Hollow Mysteries. The Ruby books reflect my interest in fraud and how it ruins lives, while the Leafy Hollow volumes are more light-hearted.

Please drop by my Facebook page for more info, or just to chat! Hope to see you there,



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